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The Durdens



"I really enjoy singing with my sisters and brothers.  We've been singing ever since we've been little girls and young mens.  Sister Judy carries us on; she's been really blessed working with the Durden Singers.  We're looking to meet our goals to move forth.  They're really blessed, and without Mom we wouldn't make it, because she's the cause of it all that we're doing this."

Debra L. Cavanaugh

Picture of Debra L. Cavanaugh

Durden Records
Group Manager:  Albert Durden, Jr.

Durden Records

1803 Hunters Trail
Round Rock, Texas 78681
(512) 244-6480



New Day

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No Failure

Just Like God

Thank You Mother

New Day

Each Step I Take

Show Me

Blessing Me

Leave It In The Hands Of The Lord

Melodies Of Christ

God Sent Me an Angel
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Durdens Second Cover

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Leave it in the hands of the Lord
Copyright © 1997 Diamond Records
Leave it in the hands of the Lord

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